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matching records from 2 different data sources

Question asked by denno on Jun 16, 2011
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matching records from 2 different data sources


I am setting up a database to track patients admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. There are 2 different data sources that I need to match up to find patients who are missing a specific piece of data.

Datasource #1 is a listing of the admitted pneumonia patients and contains patient name, ID#, and [bloodtest] date/time.

Datasource #2 is a list of all patients who had [bloodtest] perfomed and contains name, ID# and [bloodtest] date/time.

I need to find patients who exist in datasource #1 and have no entry for [bloodtest] date/time but who have that information listed in datasource #2.

I have separate tables set up for each datasource and but am not sure if there's a way to set up a relationship that will display what I'm looking for.