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Matching two fields that don't exactly match

Question asked by film1201 on May 10, 2014
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Matching two fields that don't exactly match


     I have two tables, a customer database, and a list of streets with map grids.  I want to create a relationship with the customer addresses, which are full street addresses (IE 12345 Main St) with the street in the other table, which doesn't have house numbers (IE Main St).  Is there a way to create a relationship between two fields were the information doesn't match 100%?

     If that isn't possible, then is there a way I can create a field with a calculation where I can automatically copy the full street address but remove the house number, so that the new field will match the street field in the other table?

     If this is something easy to do, please forgive me, new to filemaker and just learning.  Thank you for any help.