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Matching value list, beginning to doubt myself

Question asked by ilyaDevers on Dec 4, 2011
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Matching value list, beginning to doubt myself



After a long time away from Filemaker I am now evaluating it for a project I have. I used to build solutions where you would use a script (move to view, perform find, wait for the user to select a record, copy the value of interest, insert it in another field, revert back to the original view).


However in 11 it seems I can just work with Value lists to achieve looking up related values. However it is driving me crazy. I have followed the example of the Menu, Items, Orders and have tuned it to normalize the Menu by adding an Items table, working with primay ID's. So far so good. But my own experiment I cannot pull off..

For simplicity i have thought of a rather normal information field. A company. A company has departments. An employee belongs to a company, and and employee belongs to a department.


Here are my tables:

company -< department

company -< employee

department -< employee


To model this in the relationship graph I have one extra occurence of the company table (company_2) for the relationship with the employee.


Each table has its own id fiels (unique number, auto generated). And the relationsship uses employee::company_id>-company::id schema..

On the employee layout I add a pop-up menu for the company. So far so good. It shows the companie names, and I select the company_id

Then I add a second pop-up menu with the departments. I tell the value list to "include only related values starting from : "

Whatever table I select, the only constant is that the pop-up menu shows : <no values defined>.


I have simplified and simplified to see what is going on, but cannot figure it out...

Please help anybody, as I am going crazy! What am I doing wrong?