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    Matching values



      Matching values


      Hello guys,

      I want  to match a field value with  the values  already exist in that field.

      Now i am explaining it

      suppose  my field is f_text.

      there are 3 records in the table for these 3 record corresponding f_text values are p,needs,fun.

      my requirment is when a new record is created and if i typed fun it must show me error that value already exist but not show me error when a single charcter is typed like n,ne,f............

      No doubt it can be done by navigating each record and compare exactly match with the field but i want to use function.

      pattern count compare with the single character means when  one character  will match it shows error.

      Just suggest me how to solve it.


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          One thing you can do without writing a script and using script triggers, is select the "Unique Value" under the Validation option for your "f_text" field in Manage Database.

          Under this options tab you can also set the field to be validated always and not allow the user to override the validation.  You can also set your custome message dialog, such as "sorry, this text already exists...", etc.

          If "fun" already exists in this field, you can still enter "f", "fu", "n", and so on, as allowable entries.  But when "fun" is entered again in another record, the validation will be triggered.

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            Hello Rdowler, Thanks for your sugestion. It is working,great.