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    Matching/Scrubbing A Field In Two Databases



      Matching/Scrubbing A Field In Two Databases


      Hi There.

      Thanks in advance for your time, energy, and help.


      FMP 10

      Mac OSX 10.6.2

      Beginner to Databasing/FMP/Script Syntax


      I have one database of contact records that has name, address, phone number, email, etc.

      I have a 2nd database with a single field or simply a list of emails that is separate from the 1st database.


      I want to compare my 2nd list of emails to the 1st (Primary) database and create a 3rd database with all of the remaining information for each match appended and included in the 3rd database. 


      For example, if the email from the 2nd list matches one in the 1st database then copy that whole record over to a 3rd database.

      And I would want it to do this for every match.


      The end goal would be to have a 3rd list/database with full records for each matched email.

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          Howdy bodhibrian,


          Would this approach work for you?


          0. Make backups (always step#0)

          1. Clone Dbase#1 with all records (call it Dbase#3)

          2. Relate Dbase#3 to Dbase#2 using email address as the linking field

          3. Create a layout in Dbase#3, based on Dbase#3.

          4. Put a field on that layout from Dbase#2 (Dbase#2::email address)

          5. Perform a find in the field "Dbase#2::email address" for "=" (this will find all records in Dbase#3 that have no related info in that field from Dbase#2)

          6. Delete found records.

          7. Done.


          Is that what you're after?

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            Hi Ninja.


            Thanks so much for shooting this my way.


            I tried what you have below a few times and when I search for the "=" it tells me that there are no found records.


            I have no idea where or what I am doing wrong.


            Please advise when you get a free moment.


            Thank you so much again.