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    Mater-Detail Layout with multiple levels



      Mater-Detail Layout with multiple levels


      Hi all,

      I am newbie in Filemaker and would  like to find out more information on how to create master-detail layouts with multiple levels. The schema looks like the following:

      table 1 ---> table 2 ---> table 3

      table 1 (id_t_1)

      table 2 (id_t_2, id_t_1)

      table 3(id_t_3, id_t_2, id_t_1)

      I would like to create a single layout upon table 1 and two portals for table 2 and table 3.

      Any idea on how to do that? This should be simple but I am stumbling upon several issues with filters, etc...

      I have tried to implement the ideas described in the following post but I could not make it work:


      Am I in the right track?


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          I suggest this link. There are multiple approaches in the thread you referenced and some are not optimum: Need layout solution for nested portals...

          And I will gently point out that posting "I could not get that to work" without any further description of the issue, can be a bit frustrating for those reading your post. We get that you couldn't get it to work--that's why you are asking for help after all. But if you can report exactly what you tried and the results you got when it failed to work for you, you provide readers with clues as to what to suggest to help you out.