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Mater-Detail Layout with multiple levels

Question asked by AlfranioCorreia on Feb 5, 2015
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Mater-Detail Layout with multiple levels


Hi all,

I am newbie in Filemaker and would  like to find out more information on how to create master-detail layouts with multiple levels. The schema looks like the following:

table 1 ---> table 2 ---> table 3

table 1 (id_t_1)

table 2 (id_t_2, id_t_1)

table 3(id_t_3, id_t_2, id_t_1)

I would like to create a single layout upon table 1 and two portals for table 2 and table 3.

Any idea on how to do that? This should be simple but I am stumbling upon several issues with filters, etc...

I have tried to implement the ideas described in the following post but I could not make it work:

Am I in the right track?