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    MAX with text



      MAX with text


           Hello everyone, 

           I was wondering if anyone know how to get MAX with letters. Then caculate the next highest letter in the alphabet for a field.

           Here is what I am doing incase somone has a better idea:

           I have created and ouline type format with Sections. The Sections are labeled A, B, C and so on. I am trying to created a script that will find the highest letter then add the next letter for a new section. Is this possible?

           Thank you,


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               Define a calculation field as:

               Code ( LetterField )

               Then a summary field, sMaxLetterCode, can defined as the maximum of this calculation field.

               And this expression will compute the next letter in the series:

               Char ( sMaxLetterCode + 1 )

               This will only work if you have a found set of all records. A similar method, however can produce the same results via a self join relationship and then the state of the current found set is not a factor.

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                 Thank you. It works perfect.