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Maximum clients on peer-to-peer sharing

Question asked by tjschu on Aug 9, 2012
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Maximum clients on peer-to-peer sharing


I'm building databases and considering our needs down the road.  We do not need Filemaker Server at this point as we only have a few users who will need access to the databases.  However, we foresee the day when we will be on the verge of hitting the peer-to-peer limit of 9 clients accessing the host simultaneously.

How does the count of the maximum of 9 clients work if we would have two databases that each have a relationship with a main database (using the function to "Add a FileMaker Data Source" when creating a new relationship)?  Would that mean that we'd be limited to a total of 9 simultaneous clients (eg, 4 clients accessing database #1, 5 clients accessing database #2 while both databases have a relationship with a third main database) - or 18 (9 x 2) clients (eg., 9 for each of the two databases that have the relationship with the third database)?

When it comes time to purchase FMP Server, we'll do that (not trying to be cheap here), but I'd like to know when it is that we'll be reaching our limit of what we can do with peer-to-peer.