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    Maximum number of characters issue - sort of



      Maximum number of characters issue - sort of


           Hi all,

           I would appreciate the help with a problem that stumped me. I have a layout (1) with a series of fields with drop-down lists, where a single digit is stored in the database (the dropdown shows two fields, but stores only the numerical code 1-8). I have an additional layout (2) with calculation fields based on the contents of the numerical fields on the first layout. 

           However, whenever a field is changed on layout 1 (say the drop-down choice is changed from 2 to 6), Filemaker for some reason adds spaces in the field after the numerical code, which will not go away even if i try to delete the contents. The spaces are visible if I add the fields in table view on a new layout, where they can be deleted, but they do not show in the drop-down fields on the original layout, not can they be deleted there. I need to be able to keep the fields on layout 1 to the one-digit code in order for the calculations to work on layout 2.

           I tried limiting the drop-down fields to maximum one character with validation, but that doesn't work - Filemaker will then not allow me to change the field contents after initial entry, it just gives me an error message and the option to revert the field back to the original, even if I try to delete the contents before changing the field.

           I also tried validating with the calculation Left (FieldName, 1), but that still adds spaces to the one-digit codes whenever a field is changed. 

           Thanks in advance - any suggestions appreciated.

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               The preceding Spam has been reported to ModMan.

               What you describe is not normal behavior for a value list in FileMaker Pro. Something is adding the added spaces and I can't see what from here. Please describe the design of your layout, your value list definition and any auto-enter field options you may have on the fields where you are formatting them to use this value list. This is a case where the more relevant detail that you can provide, the better.

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                 Hi PhilModJunk,

                 The fields are just regular drop-downs, with the underlying table's fields formatted as number. The value list is a separate table with two fields, "Code" and "Description", with the first field stored but both displayed in the drop down. 

                 However, I went ahead and re-did the base table for the value list and added the codes and descriptions again, and now it seems to be working. I must have accidentally added spaces after some of the entries, although it wasn't visible in the base table itself (I put it on a layout to see). 

                 Thanks for the help!