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    Maximum Number Users On FileMaker Local Hosting



      Maximum Number Users On FileMaker Local Hosting


      We are currently using FileMaker Pro 8.5 as Local Host and shared among users (about 10 users).  The DB file is on a shared folder of the network.

      Not all users are using FileMaker at the same time. We occasionally encounter “exceeding Maximum Users limit” message. 

      Does anyone know this limitation is caused by number of licenses we have OR is software limitation on Local Host sharing?

      Thanks for your help.



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          I believe you are dealing with a software limitation. Check your documentation or search the knowledgebase to be sure. With that many simultaneous users, you should be considering FMServer anyway.


          Note: It's a very bad idea to put your database files in a shared folder! You can end up with corrupted files! The approved method for sharing a file using FMP is:


          1. Launch the filemaker application on your designated host machine. (Files should be stored on this machine's internal drive and not in a shared directory.)
          2. Launch filemaker app on the client machine
          3. Select Open remote/click the remote button to bring up the hosts dialog box
          4. Select your file to open it.