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    Maxium Layout Height?



      Maxium Layout Height?


      Why is the maximum height of a Filemaker Layout set to 1128cm? Is there a way to expand this? I have a print layout for a portal list and this maximum limits me / the user to around 200 rows. 


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          Do not print the portal, print from a layout based on the parent in list view.

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            Could you expand a bit? How do you base a layout on the "parent"? 

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              Actually, you need to print from a layout based on the portal, (Child) table.

              You set this up as a list view and include fields from the parent table in the header, footer and/or grand summary layout parts. Put fields from the portal table in the body. Summary fields can compute and show totals.

              A script can perform a find or use Go To Related Records to pull up the correct set of records--those shown in your portal on this list view layout. The Invoices starter solution that comes with FileMaker prints invoices in this fashion if you want to see a working example.

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                hi all, back on an old thread. I've got things up an running but the only small problem is I get small lines between the parts when the fill is white (otherwise if no fill on color the exported pdf has a weird off white colour). Turned off the line in the inspector etc. Still get thin lines on the page between each record...

                Any ideas?

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                  If you click the label for the body layout part, what options are selected in the inspector? Some layout themes have an almost white background color so I'm wondering if you have a "not quite white" fill color specified for your layout parts.

                  You can also check the fill setting for the layout background as well by not having anything selected at the time you check appearance settings.

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                    thanks Phil, great, that was it (the second part you mentioned), weird that you have to check it both ways. thank you.