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    Meaning of vertical dotted line on layout?



      Meaning of vertical dotted line on layout?


           When I go to Edit Layout, there's a vertical dotted line a finger's width from the right edge of the database area. Can't get rid of it, not sure what it does. Doesn't seem to have anything to do with page margins, doesn't appear in preview or printing, can't find it in forum or documentation searching for "dotted line" and other keywords.

           In the screenshot there is also a dotted line in the ruler, that is the location of the cursor.

           Just an annoying whatzit, not a big issue.




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               Given your current settings in printer setup for  a printer, page size and page orientation,  and any margins set in Layout Setup..., that's the right hand limit of your printable area. Anything to the right of that line cannot be printed without altering one of those settings.

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                 Hi PhilModJunk;

                 Thanks for the reply! No one else piped up so I guess page layout is not a hot topic among FMP users.

                 For a while that's what I thought the line was and maybe is, but it just doesn't make sense. FMP is not a page layout program, I know, but it's not even close to getting the basics right in Edit Layout.

                 I mean, I choose page setup, select margins, and although I have margins set on all sides, the ruler shows 0 at the left edge of the display, and the dotted line position is not located at a point along the ruler where the margins and paper size numbers add up! Not only that but the line itself is not in the documentation or the huge "Missing Manual" book.

                 What I expect from "Edit Layout" is what I get from Pages or Word from probably over a decade ago, which is a depiction of the full sheet of paper, with the 0 ruler aligning top and left edges, and light guide lines where the user has set the margins. Is it that hard to program something like this?

                 At best this is a conceptual arrangement of page layout, like from the 70's. It's nowhere close to wysiwyg. Grr, Filemaker, Grr. Borrow some of the Apple Pages staff some time and fix this! ;-)

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                   Sorry, but this does not match my experience. The dashed line accurately shows the limits of the printed area for the currently selected options in print setup and layout setup. change those settings and it moves.

                   You can elect to make the space occupied by the Margins visible if you select that Option from the View menu.

                   Without margins specified, this horizontal space will vary with each computer as it is based on that portion of the physical page on which the printer can actually print. Most printers cannot print "full bleed" (Edge to edge) and so this maximum print area differs with each printer.

                   On my system, when I select 1 inch margins with letter size paper (8 1/2 inches wide) in portrait orientation, I get the limit line at 6 1/2 inches shown on the ruler--that's exactly what I should see. If I choose page margins from the view menu, I see the actual 1" margins to the left and right of this portion of my layout.

                   If you are getting different results, you are welcome to use Report an Issue to report them as a possible bug.

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                     Hi PhilModJunk;

                     I didn't say it didn't accurately reflect the limit of the printed area. It does, but in an illogical way for someone with more experience doing page layout in Word, Pages, and Quark (and others). I know I set four margins, and to get one indicator line and have to do the math from the margin settings to where the dotted line is, is not optimum for my working methods (and puny brain).

                     Hallelujah! margin visibility, that is it! much better for me to work with than a dotted line, and imagining the page and margins, many thanks for that!

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                       I wanted to click PhilModJunk's 6:58PM answer as the best, but hit my reply instead, can't figure out how to undo/edit that.


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                         No big deal. It takes someone that works for FileMaker to remove that "best" answer selection. It's one of many shortcomings to the software used to support this forum.