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Medical Calculator

Question asked by ethan_levine on Apr 10, 2014
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Medical Calculator


     I'm looking for guidance regarding the best way to approach the design of a medical risk calculator for FMP.  The calculator will take a set of variables, assign a score to each and then calculate a final score. For example.....

     If you are Male, over age 50, have a cholesterol level of 300, your risk of heart attack in the next 5 years is 40%

     As you can see some of these values, gender for example, are "either/or", but values such as age for example are typically considered in groups.  In a case there may be one value for people aged 35-40 and another for 40-45etc.

     If I create a table with fields for each parameter and an associated risk for each value or value group, would this preclude me from calculating based on data into these fields from Excel or csv files? Seems to me I would be better off calculating a value each time the corresponding field changed.

     BTW, I'm using FMP13 Advanced

     Thanks in advance