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    medical database



      medical database



      I'm a physician, and I'm about to start office hours in reproductive medicine in my hospital. I would like to use a software able to be used as a database for my patients info and able to print reports for my collegues. I'm hesitating between Bento2 and filemaker Pro. I've never used any of them before, and need help to choose.

      Can somebody explain me advantages and inconvenient for my kind of application.

      Thanks for your help 

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             Bento is FileMaker with less functions... However it does come with nicer templates. FileMakers templates are lame.
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            If reporting is an important feature to you, then I would recommend Filemaker.  


            Filemaker has a much deeper feature set when compared to it's very little brother Bento.  Bento is much easier to learn and use for a newcomer.   I'm speaking from experience here - I have both, and have only been using them for a year.


            Taking into consideration my last sentence, I still find myself relying on Filemaker to run my consulting work.