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Medical Database

Question asked by varunbaweja on Feb 9, 2010
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Medical Database


Hi guys,


I am a doctor and I'm developing a medical database solution to keep record of the database of all my patients and doing the normal stuff like fixing appointments and printing out prescriptions.


I have designed the basic interface and there are a few things that i would like your help with.


The first thing that I would like to do is to copy the details of the patients in various related tables, so that there is no duplication, I have developed a reception interface where all the patient details would be filled in, and after that it will display on a screen, from where the concerned doctor will click and his respective case sheet will be opened.  But in that case sheet, I have not been able to get the data entered previously.


Any ideas on how to do it??


Secondly, how can I enter data for multiple visits of the same patients and display a short summary of the diagnosis and treatment given in the previous visits.


I am a doctor and not really a software programmer, so any help for a layman would be greatly appreciated