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Medical database

Question asked by rokokol on May 6, 2012
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Medical database


Hi, I am new in Filemaker pro and I am trying it out for a dermatology practice database. First I like the interactive PDF Container very much. Unfortunately it does not work with JPGs.

The problem with dermatology is that there are many of pictuers in very good quality to be stored, so I am affraid that over time the database file will get very large. So the solution with containers does not seem to be right.

So I want to make it right in the first place and would be very thankful for suggestions how and where to store the pictures and how to link them to the database.

If sotred on internal HD that gets to small over time, can the links be corrected fast and easy when moving pictures to an external drive or even another external drive.

I like the container fields from bento where one can put many pictures in one container. Is it easy possible to make a container in FM Pro where jpg can be drag and droped and only the path of the pictures will be stored and after a doubleklick the pictures open.

Thank you in advance!