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    Medical database



      Medical database


      Hi, I am new in Filemaker pro and I am trying it out for a dermatology practice database. First I like the interactive PDF Container very much. Unfortunately it does not work with JPGs.

      The problem with dermatology is that there are many of pictuers in very good quality to be stored, so I am affraid that over time the database file will get very large. So the solution with containers does not seem to be right.

      So I want to make it right in the first place and would be very thankful for suggestions how and where to store the pictures and how to link them to the database.

      If sotred on internal HD that gets to small over time, can the links be corrected fast and easy when moving pictures to an external drive or even another external drive.

      I like the container fields from bento where one can put many pictures in one container. Is it easy possible to make a container in FM Pro where jpg can be drag and droped and only the path of the pictures will be stored and after a doubleklick the pictures open.

      Thank you in advance!

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          Can you store jpgs? - yes

          Can you store 'By Reference' (and therefore the database file size stays small)? - yes

          Can you store by reference and then later move the files to another larger drive? - yes: just map the new drive to the same drive letter as the 'old' one.  (I'm assuming Windows here, but see no reason for the same idea not to work on a Mac.)

          Can you make files open with a double-click? - yes.

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            Thank you for the fast reply!

            So many Yes - make me happy.

            There is another option where container data can be stored outside the database file in FM 12.

            I still don't know what the best option would be. To save jpgs in fmp file oder in another container data file or only the links to the files? I would preffer to store the container data file separately but I don't know about the performance. Surely it depends on the filesize but I don't have here any experience.

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              2 quick comments...

              i don't know anything about dermatology, so it may be the industry standard, or perhaps the only file format your equipment generates, or some other reason, but as a photographer, i thought i would point out the the jpeg format utilizes a "lossy" compression algorithm.  this means that you are degrading the image quality in order to compress the file.  if you are only viewing the file, this degradation happens only once, but if you are re-saving it, it gets compressed anew each time and hence the degradation compounds.  a better solution (in terms of image quality), would be to save your image files in tiff format and use "lzw" compression (this is a lossless compression algorithm).

              also, while i don't know any of the details about it, i am aware that 360works makes a plugin called "supercontainer" which offers enhanced features ocer the traditional filemaker container fields... at least enhanced over fm11... i don't know about 12?

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                Thank you for the answer! You are completely right with the image quality! I don know for sure, but I think that supercontainer needs a FMP server?!?

                Still my problem is to deceide to use onli links to the pictures or a container within the fmp file or outside of it.

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                  Storing by reference is the way to go.  Storing the imnages directly in the Container will explode your file size.  It works perfectly.

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                    Thank you!

                    Probably I have no thumbnails if storing as a refference?!? This is the only way that bothers me. Since I noticed a new function in FMP12 where Container Data can be saved for each container on every location (external drives,...) with encription, this seems to be the right way. But like I said, I have no experince have this will behave with the database speed. My original database file remains still very small, so the pictures are really sotred in a prespecified folder.

                    So what is the advantage between reference storing and extern container storing? Thumbnails are important for me and they are automatically generated by drag and drop when working with containers.

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                      The ultimate test is just 'try it'.  It's easy, so that will put your mind at rest.  Why not just create a sample file with a container, link one image to it by reference, then duplicate the record as many times as you want?  You will see how the file size, speed, etc performs.

                      If you link a jpg by reference it will display the image in the field, just like a thumbnail.

                      The only 'disadvantage' of storing by reference is that when used multi-user every user needs to see the stored images at the end of the same file path (and they need access to it, obviously).

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                        oh... one more thing.  i am aware that if you are storing the image within the container, you can get unexpected results with either drag and drop or with copying and pasting an image (i forget which...?).  what happens is that you end up getting bitmap version of the image you wanted to insert.  i discovered this because the transparency in my (png) image files was not being preserved when i was copying/pasting (or dragging and dropping?) and i later discovered other people were encountering similar issues.  because of that i always use the "insert picture" method (right click inside the container field or click once to make the container field active and go to the "insert" menu and select "picture").  i'm not sure if this is still true in 12 (and, unfortunately, you will have to do a quick test to see if it is copy/paste or drag/drop (or both) that causes the problem).  all of this may be moot as it sounds like from sorbsbuster that the better way to go is storing the reference anyway... but i thought i would mention it just in case... good luck!

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                          Thank you all!

                          I am so happy with the filemaker pro, everything is working just fine. I deceidet to use containers for the jpgs and pdfs. The files are shown in a large window when clicking on them and all the files are stored encrypted on the external drive so the FMP file is still quite small. And it is working very fast and so easy.

                          I hat so much troubles with Access, this is why I am so happy with FMP.

                          But it can always be better so I thought of makeing the input more easy. The idea is to pull out a diagnosis from a drop down field where I have already put all ICD 10 diagnoses and depending on the diagnoses 2 or 3 fields should have already a preenered text. Then I only adjust the text and done.

                          If I click on a specific diagnosis the specific therapy for this diagnosis should already be written and maybe some other fields as well.

                          Is this possible or do I have to wait untli 2034?

                          All the best and thans again for the answers.

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                            You need to create a table for those 'pre-set texts'.  It will have two fields, the one that is the value that will call it (Diagnosis?) and the text that you want entered in the other field (therapy?).  The set a relationship between the first table and that new table using the Diagnosis filed.

                            In the first table set the Therapy field to be auto-enter by lookup, and using that relationship, set the lookup to pull in the text for that diagnosis.  T=You can then add, delete or edit the standard text.

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                              Thank you so much, great that this is possible!

                              Please can you give me more detailed explaination. I created a table with two fields (diagnosis and therapy) in my main table there is also a field diagnosis with a pulldown menu. I made a relationship between the two diagnosis fields from two different tables. Should I make a relationship between Therapy and diagnosis? Why do I need another diagnosis field in the secound table? Where can I set a field to be auto-enter. I looked almost in every menu? Where can I set the lookup?!?

                              Please help!

                              Thank you!

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                                Hi Sorry to bother again! I played around and it is working!!!

                                Great, I am so thankfull. It was very good explained I just had some troubles using german Filemaker. I swiched the language and I found the menues.

                                I made a new table with diagnosis and therapy. Under Field Options for diagnosis I set "calculated value" and specified the filed therapy. I put in the data and in my layout mode in my first table I set the looked up value and specified therapy. And I made a relationship between the two tables and diagnosis fields:-)

                                Thank you so much!!!

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                                  "Should I make a relationship between Therapy and diagnosis?" - no, you do not need to.

                                  "Why do I need another diagnosis field in the secound table?" - it has to be exactly the same data as the first table, so that the record in the first table knows what record in the second table to get the therapy details from.  The Diagnosis fileds are the two that are set to match in the relationship that joins them.

                                  "Where can I set a field to be auto-enter."  In the field definition of the Therapy in the first table.  When you create it as a 'Text' field you will have and 'Option' button.  Click it and then go to the first auto-enter tab.  Near the bottom is 'Looked-up Value'.  Tick it and set the value that it looks up to the the Therapy field from the second table, using the new relationship you just created.

                                  "I made a new table with diagnosis and therapy. Under Field Options for diagnosis I set "calculated value" and specified the field therapy."  That doesn't sound right.  You should not have to do that.  That will attempt to replace the contents of the Diagnosis field with the contents of the Therapy field.

                                  "I made a relationship between the two tables and the diagnosis fields" - that is correct.  That is the relationship that you use to copy the Therapy details in table 2 to the Therapy field in Table 1.

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                                    "That doesn't sound right.  You should not have to do that.  That will attempt to replace the contents of the Diagnosis field with the contents of the Therapy field"

                                    I put again the default and it is still working:-) I made a link to another field "ICD 10". Now if I select a diagnosis the ICD 10 code and the therapy are already there. Just great, this saves me so much time.

                                    Less time for the input = more time for the patients:-)

                                    Thanks again, you were a huge help!

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