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Medical databse - multiple portals in one layout help

Question asked by GroverHolzwarth on Oct 22, 2013


Medical databse - multiple portals in one layout help


Hi, all 


     I'm developing a medical database but  I have the following issue:


a) I trying to add a new prescription for the same patient in the same date. ( tried with some scripts, no luck)

b) I need to see the previous prescriptions in the layout "prescriçao" in a portal where I could navigate by date ( an indea two portal more : one with date ( to be selected) and another with the ancient prescription (s).

c) when printing I modified the script so I have two phisical printers ( one for simple - another for duplo0 since the actual formularies in paper are very different . 

what I'm trying to have : a select button or a radio button to select one particular medicament to be printed alone ( in one formulary not along with the others)

Could you help ?

Dr G.