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Medical education usage, New Innovations

Question asked by johndougherty on Jul 23, 2013


Medical education usage, New Innovations


     Hi all,

     I'm looking for opinions and suggestions.  I currently work for a hospital system as an associate residency director.  We're searching for an 'all in one' solution to help us with tracking, tabulating, communication, etc all of the information involved with educating residents.  We curretly use New Innovations for most of what we need, but it's clunky and lacks a bunch of features that we need.  One big need/desire is to have everything as automated as possible- notifications, email, data input, etc.  Let me list some of our needs/wants:

     -our residents need to complete 2 research projects over 4 years.  We'd like to be able to track their progress- deadlines, research papers, notifications sent out, etc.  We'd like to be able to show them reports on their progress, and also give them access to their reports, etc.

     -we have a resident evaluation system which is used to evaluate their competency with surgeries, patient care, etc.  Currently, it involves circling numbers on a card, handing that card in to our secretary, and she manually inputs that info into an Excel spreadsheet.  We can then report their 'scores' per quarter, averaged out, means, etc.  But in order to use that info for some other reports, she has to manually copy/paste.  We'd like for the process to be automated- I envision using iPhones/iPads as a means by which our attending physicians can score the residents, that digital card would then be sent via email or another electronic means to our secretary, the data would automatically populate a spreadsheet of some sort, and any report that we needed would have the fields automatically filled with the relevant information.

     -Schedules are a must, but we'd like to have the schedules be accessible by everyone, and notifications of upcoming events (meetings, deadlines, etc) should be automatic.  

     -We'd like to be able to populate our database with information from other databases automatically.  For instance, we research the resident application database yearly when recruitment season comes around.  It would be nice to be able to download the information present on that website (you can export that data as a text file) and input/populate that data into our database (demographic information, letters of reference, grades, etc).

     -we'd like for the product to be 'universal' and work with our mobile devices- iPhones/iPads.  Everyone should be able to access, via a password protected front end.


     There are more wishes for this list, but hopefully you get the idea.  If anyone has any suggestions or opinions, please let me know.  If FileMaker will not satisfy our needs, then maybe someone can recommend another solution?


     Thanks in advance for any comments.