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Members Database for Social Club

Question asked by Seamus on May 10, 2009
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Members Database for Social Club


Hello Forum, :)


I'm in a motorcycling social club and we have a web page listing our current active members here:


The above page is basically just a CSS table that I have to update manually, which is a cumbersome process.


Our club "database" is just an Excel spreadsheet.


The first thing I want to do is get all the relevant membership data into a real database system like FileMaker Pro. This will require manual data entry or an import of the Excel spreadsheet.


Next, I need these changes reflected on the club members page:


It would also be nice to have an online sort option. Maybe one solution is to simply export two tables - one sorted numerically by membership number, the other sorted alphabetically.


So, can FileMaker Pro help me?


I've been looking for online examples of the sort of thing I'm looking for but so far have not found much.


Any tips and links would be greatly appreciated. :)


Thank you,