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    Membership Manager



      Membership Manager


      Hello, I just purchased FileMaker for my Mac yesterday so I only know what I read and heard about FileMaker.  When I switched to my Mac I was able to find Mac Programs to replace most of the popular programs I used on my old PC with one exception.  I am the Membership Chairperson for The American Legion Riders Chapter in Polk City, IA and I am in need of a good, yet flexible, Membership program. I need the usual information as well as be able to track dues, keep track of the persons participation in activities, attendance, etc...  I would really like to be able to include there picture and have their address geocode and placed on a map.  


      Dose anyone know of any such template or have any suggestions.  Thank you. 

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          Thank you for your post.


          I was hoping others would have chimed up by now.


          Although I don't know of a Membership template to speak of, you may want to try some of the templates that are included with FileMaker Pro.  When inside FileMaker Pro, pull down the File menu and select "New Database...".  There are several templates listed, and I would look at Contact Management or People Management as a starting point.  You can then modify them to accommodate your needs.


          There are also starter solutions on our web site, and unfortunately, none of those are membership related:




          Anybody have additional ideas?



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            TSGAL, thanks for your suggestions.  I know nothing about building databases but someone told me they thought that there was a drop and drag program that made building a database extremely easy.  Are you aware of any such tool?  If not what is the best way to finding someone who could help us put one together? Thanks again for your help.



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                 FileMaker itself is as close to drag-n-drop that you're going to get, IMO. There are some pretty snazzy out-of-the-box templates that one could modify to get you going. I am a FileMaker consultant/programmer and would be willing to work with you to get you going pretty quickly.
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                Thank you msix.  I found a Membership Manager template at http://www.lupien.net/filemaker_solutions.html. I could not get the demo to download but since it seems to be the only one out there I took the gamble and ordered it.


                I may be in contact with you in regards to another project.  I'm building a database of historical sites for our state. Not the ones everyone knows of, but the timeless history every small town has.  The problem is the number of people who know this history are usually the older citizens and a lot of this information is going to die with them.  There are also thousand upon thousands of historical markers that have not been taken care of and being over taken by nature.  I want to get these sites logged so future generations can go back to them. So I'm wanting to build a template for gathering this information in an organize consistent manner and with the ability to push a button and have it generate a .csv, GPX, KML, KMZ or OV2 format.  I pretty much know how I want the template laid out, I just don't know how to create it.  So once i get the membership up and running we can visit about this project.