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Membership Renewal Data Populating Contact's Record

Question asked by jazzodie on May 16, 2010
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Membership Renewal Data Populating Contact's Record


I'm returning to Filemaker after 10 years and am stuck in trying to build a membership database. I need to track renewals, journal issue orders, and donations. I would like to create a form for the users like a membership renewal form where they can key in all of the renewals received and it populates each of the members records - same with donations and back orders. However, I can't see how to design these forms so they will:


1. Look for an existing member record, or prompt to create a new one if no record is found, and

2. How to map the renewal information (date, amount paid, etc) to the member record.


I'm hoping someone has the experience and patience to provide some guidance on these points for building a membership database that retains the history of renewals, etc. I've seen a number of inquiries about a membership template so am surprised that Filemaker hasn't created one yet. I know there's a vendor who has one for sale, but the demo download doesn't work.


I'm on Filemaker Pro 10 and Windows XP 2002. Thank you!