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Member_Records:  related members

Question asked by TerryCoolidge on Oct 30, 2012
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Member_Records:  related members


     I have a table called Member_Records filled with member data for a small organization (200 - 500 members).  One record for each member.

     I figured out how to create a related table called Family_Members where I keep track of members who have relatives who are also members.  A particular member will show up in this Family_Members table as many times as necessary with a record for each related member.  For example, I have three records in this table since my wife, mother-in-law, and father-in-law are all members.  Someone who only has a spouse who is a member will show up with just one record, and members who are not related to any other members do not have any records in this Family_Members table.

     The main purpose of this tracking is to be able to identify who is related to a current Executive Board member.  When we have elections for new Board members we run eligibility rosters, and the related members are not eligible to be elected.  My Family_Members table is able to show who is related to a Board member.  See attached screenshot for reference.  I added highlighting to point out the records that show how certain members are related to Rob Ball, a member of the Board.  Most of the data being shown in Family_Members is being pulled from Member_Records.

     My question is about how to utilize this Family_Members info from my original Member_Records table to correctly identify ineligible members.  I thought I was going to use a GetSummary function, but that only works from within the table where I'm gathering the summary.  I can't pass that summary to another table (I don't think) because of the need to sort using a breakField.  I'm wanting to be able to check a member from Member_Records to see if any of their records in Family_Members has a value in the board_member_flag field.  Can anyone share a method for accomplishing this?  I realize this may be incredibly easy, but right now I'm just not seeing what I should do.  Most of the trouble I run into with FileMaker stems from conceptual issues, not technical/execution stuff.

     Thank you in advance.