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    Menu - Possibly dumb question...



      Menu - Possibly dumb question...


      How do I go about creating a main menu on my DB.  (Similar to that of a website) I currently have FIlemaker Advanced 9 installed on my PC.

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          The only dumb question is the one you didn't ask! (or possibly asking your execution squad if their guns are loaded, but I digress :smileywink: )


          You first need a value list.

          Select File | Manage | Value Lists... and click "new"

          Give your value list a name like "colors".

          In the custom values box enter some values:





          Click OK twice to return to your database proper.

          Enter layout mode.

          Right Click a text field and chose field/control setup... or choose Format | Field/Control | Setup...

          Choose Drop Down List or Pop-up menu from the "Display As:" menu

          Click OK

          Enter Browse mode, saving your changes.


          Click on your field and see what happens.


          There are many options for your value list and a few you can choose in Field/control Setup... that alter how you menu works and from where it gets its values. Searching your on line help system and doing a bit of reading plus experimenting with them can teach you a lot about these options.

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            Hmmm...  Maybe I asked the question wrong.  I know how to make the drop down menus you are speaking of.  Maybe I don't know the correct trem for teh menu I'm thinking of. 


            I wanted to create a menu siliar to the Home Page of a website.  Where you depending on the department, it would access a seperate layout/table/db.

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              Hi Snkm,


              Well, a web page is a collection of graphic images, text fields, pop-up menus, buttons, etc. arranged by the designer.  In FileMaker this is analogous to a Layout.  A Layout is based on a table so you need to create a "home" table that has the container and text fields needed to display your "home page".  


              Graphic images can be placed in containers (preferable) or pasted directly on the layout background.  Any field or graphic can be converted to a button by choosing the Button Setup menu item from the Format menu in layout mode.  Each button is associated with a script.  A script can switch to another layout/table in the same window, open the layout/table in a new window, or open another database file.


              To initialize things, you need a script to go to the "home page" layout when a user logs in or opens your database. This startup script is set in the File Options… menu item of the File menu.


              So here is your chance to be really creative…:smileywink:…but still keep to accepted user interface guidelines…:smileysad: 



              P.S.  With the Advanced version of FileMaker Pro 9, you can also change the menu items at the top of the window using the Custom menus item from the Tools menu.