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    Menu change ramdom



      Menu change ramdom



           This morning I opened my filemaker and went about making a new layout.  Then I used the controls like always to go into layout mode.  It wouldn't work.  Then I noticed my top FM menu has changed out of nowhere.  I did not and have not ever made a custom menu for this file.

           I went back and opened archived files.  Same thing.

           Help - how do I get my menus and the functionality of those menues back?




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               Hi Heidi,

               Here are a couple of things that you might try:

               Go into file -> Manage> Layouts and check you menu settings for the layout. 

               If these are OK then review your security settings.  Perhaps, accidently your account previledge set was changed to prohibit layout modification.

               Hope this helps.


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                 I looked at all the layouts and tried to switch a few to standard but this did not change. I also opened and closed the file.


                 I have full acess. But I reset my password and to no avail..

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                   I suggest using  the FIleMaker Advanced Tools menu | Custom Menus to investigate. You can select a different menu set and you can go into manage | Custom menus and check to see if there are items missing from the specified menu set.

                   Since you are very sure that you haven't made any changes in the part of the system, you might want to run a recover on your file and see what is reported.

                   If I were you, I'd also try creating a brand new small test file to see if it also shows the same menus.