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    Menu options grey



      Menu options grey


           Hello everybody,

           It will be something easy, but I can't find it.

           I made user menus. The only option users have is the "Print option". But, unless a user has full access, I can see the print menu, but the print options are grey and can't be used.

           It has something to do with the security, but I can't find where. The users are limited in lay out access etc. Does someone know where I did go wrong with the security?

           Thanks in advance,

           Hans Lijnbach

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               When you open the dialog for selecting various settings for a given privilege set, there's a drop down in the lower right corner labeled "available menu commands". Check to see if you have selected a too restrictive option in that control.

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                 Hai Phil,

                 That is the one. I selected "Only editing", and aspected that the print option would at least be part of editing. You have to select "Full Access" for the print option. But no problem, it works this way.

                 Thanks Phil,