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    Menus grayed out



      Menus grayed out


      I just got a new iMac with Snow Leopard and I am using FileMaker 11.  I transferred my 5 (five) databases to the new iMac but I have a problem.  Three of them work fine but two of them do not.  The problems with those two are:


      1. in File > Manage - "Manage" is grayed out
      2. in File > Import Records - "Import Records" is grayed out
      3. in Records - New, Duplicate and Delete are also grayed out.


      Can someone explain what is going on ?  I have been using FileMaker Pro for the last 20 years and it is the first time I have such a problem.  


      Thanks !!!

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          I am new to FM, but the same issue happened to me and it turned out my username didn't have FullRights. Then I found out there was an Admin user with a full access to all the menus if I were to log as an Admin.


          This is just my two cents, as I said I am new to FM and someone here may have more advice about it.

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            Thank you for your reply.


            I already tried it.  It worked for the 3 others but not the last two.  They are all FM databases so I have no clue of what is happening here.

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              Any chance you have a script set to run when the file opens that is either paused or trapped in an infinite loop?

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                Not that I know of... I tried to go it the "Manage Scripts" to check it out but this one is also greyed out...


                Thanks for the reply

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                  As it would for a paused or looping script.


                  A paused script will disply cancel/continue buttons in the status area so you should be able to check that.


                  You can also try interrupting such a script of either type by pressing Esc ( windows) or option period (Mac). The ability to abort a script can be disabled in the script itself--so you may not be able to do this.


                  Other things you can try:

                  If you have filemaker advanced, open the filemaker application, enable the script debugger and then open the file and see if a script starts up in the debugger.

                  Open the file while holding down teh Shift (windows) or option (mac) key to see if a password dialog opens up. (You might have the file set to auto-enter a password when the file opens.)

                  Try recovering the file--it might be damaged.

                  If the recovered file doesn't show this problem, replace your damaged file with an undamaged back up copy if at all possible.

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                    Still not working.  What bugs me the most is that everything works fine on my old iMac (with Leopard) but not on the new computer...





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                      It still sounds like a privilege matter.  1. The name of the account in the old FM was not requested.  It was found in the top pattern of the 'log in' window. For Newer FMs you have to enter that name plus the associated password.  Quite often the admin log that someone found successful was deleted.

                      Try the name of the file as the account name.

                      The difficulty is finding what the old account name was.  If you still have the old imac then you are half way there.  You don't say from what version of Filemaker  you are coming from, sounds like v6.  Often the account name has been changed - I have just tried this .  Do you have access to the old imac?  or can you install the old version on the new mac?