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    Merge 2 tables and make 01  new table



      Merge 2 tables and make 01  new table


      Hi, i am developing simple solution from FMP,  its simple finance solution. i have created t tables ,

      01 Credit ,

      02. Debit .

      03. Over view

      i manually input the numbers credit and debit and I can see the account overview. 

      Now i want to create account log , which should include data from  Credit and Debit Both.

      How i can merge this two tabels together.

      any tips ? Thanks in Advance


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           I think no need to merge to tables.

          you can retrive data from both the table by ralationship means

          just relate


          Make a new layout upon debit/credit

          on this layout bring all the fields from corresponding tables.

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            Hi Abhaya Behera,

            Thanks for your Qucik reply, i am not sure if i did this correct . what i did

            Create new Table  - acc_log

            create 01 Field called c_id ----link this with Credit Transaction ID

            crete another field called d_id -----> i tried to link this to  transecbout but i canot link because its already linked  another related table.

            i have attached the screen shot so you can see that .

            Thanks again


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              Frankly, I'd be inclined not to have separate tables for debit and credit, but to just have separate fields for debit and credit in the same table.

              Then a calculaiton field cBal can be defined as Debit - Credit and a summary field sBalance can be set up to compute the total of cBal to display the current balance (or a runing balance) for your account.

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                Hi phil , thanks for idea, i make the chenges that works.

                can you give me another suggestion for this

                i want to create this application like bank account . in oter words i  have 3 accounts. this 3 accounts using 3 different people. they canot see each other records. that was the concept.

                my Table names

                Customer Table

                Transaction Table


                Customer [K_cusId] =[K_cusid]Transaction (Allow create records via this relationship)

                Then it works, as i espected. but what i need to secure this.

                i am planing to use K_cusid  as user name and predifine unquie password for each accounts

                so when each users login to there account he can  do any thing with his account but not with others.

                How can i do that ?

                thanks in advance


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                  Best way is to issue each customer their own account name and password. Then you can use record level access permissions to control which records are visible for a given customer.

                  See "Editing record access privileges" in FileMaker Help and check out this particular sub section: "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis" for a detailed description of how to set this up.

                  Hint: After setting up the access controls, if user A does a find, these settings will automatically omit "no access" records from his find, even if they otherwise match the criteria he's specified.