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    Merge changed records in two databases



      Merge changed records in two databases


      I have inherited a database which has a master record of our membership. I often update this membership database. I use FMPro v12.

      To help me with my workload, I will be using a part-time worker. Instead of having her work directly in the main database (because I don't want her to accidentally delete records, and I also want to be using the database while she is using it), I am thinking of creating a copy of this database which she will then use to update records and make changes.

      When ready, I would like to merge any changed fields from her database to mine, while keeping any of the changes I have made, even if they are for the same record. 

      Is there a way to do this? What are best practices for achieving this?


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          Such a "synch" is potentially very complex to pull off. If you are willing to spend the $$, there are third party synch tools available for this. SeedCode and 360Works are two such providers that I can recall and they are not the only sources at this time.

          But you can also give your part time worker a password that does not allow them to delete records. You can host the database from your copy of FileMaker and your helper can use a different licensed copy of FileMaker to access the hosted database as a client--thus enabling you both to edit records at the same time in the same copy of the file. This avoids any need to "synch" different copies of your file.