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Merge current database with image folder

Question asked by RickSwearingen on Nov 26, 2013
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Merge current database with image folder


     I use school image software currently that I wish to build myself.
     I have a need to import data about about students (i.e. name, grade, teacher, student id# etc.) into Filemaker. At a later date, after taking the photographs, import the photographs and align them in shot order with the student. Using barcodes to identify the student is also a must.
     (Example: Student, or record number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in database. Import a folder of images, image number IMG_0001, IMG_0002, IMG_0003, IMG_0004, IMG_0005. Finally merge record 1 with image IMG_0001, record 2 with image IMG_0002 etc. on import within an image container.
     Does anyone know how to achieve this with Filemaker Pro?
     I am somewhat familiar with Filemaker but do not yet have the software and would really like to invest.
     Please provide some feedback on this subject