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Merge Data Fields - Not formatting as Currency

Question asked by julieFrith on Dec 15, 2010
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Merge Data Fields - Not formatting as Currency



I wonder if you can help me. I'm on Filemaker Pro 11, working on Mac OS 10.6.5

I have a database which includes a few 'number' fields. They have been data formatted as 'currency' fields 2 decimal places etc and show up in Browse mode as currency without a problem. (£2.00 or £1.50 etc) I also have a few calculation fields, which are the total sum of the other 'number' fields. They too have been formatted as currency and work a dream in browse mode. 

My problem is...

I have written letters on another layout which i have 'merged' data into. namely the above fields. The direct 'number' field display without a problem as currency but the calculation fields display as rounded down numbers.

e.g.. -

Number field (formatted as currency) displays as   = 100.00 (brilliant)
Calculation field (formatted as currency) displays as = 100 or as 26.3  or 10 instead of 100.00, 26.30 and 10.00

Its only doing this on the calculation fields formatted as currency and not on the direct entry number fields.

How do i get merged data to view as currency with 2 decimal places. ???

Hope you understood this, any help would be appreciated.