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Merge data from many records to one record

Question asked by JoshHyman on Sep 8, 2011
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Merge data from many records to one record


Hi there,


I am a little stuck on this any help would be greatly appreciated.

The database we are using has records for performers positions in a circus show, each record has the fields...


Performer name

Show number

Act name




Our team leader is very excel based and wants me to build a layout that shows all acts in the show across the top (please see attached image) and each performer down the list (also showing the last five shows) The cell turns red if the performer has done the act.

My question is..... how can I combine the values of one field, in many records, for one performer, in one show, into one record so i can achieve this style of layout.

For clarification the current records we use look like the below..


Please Note the sample data and the attached image do not match


Record Number      Performer Name       Show number               Act

1                              Aaron                           20                        Flip   

2                              Aaron                           20                        Run

3                              Aaron                           20                        Clown

4                              Aaron                           21                        High Wire


The record that I wish to make would look like the below

Record Nuber           Performer name         Show number         Flip        Run        Clown       High Wire     

1                                Aaron                       20                            Yes       Yes       Yes          No

2                                Aaron                       21                            No        No        No           Yes


Any help or pointers you could provide would be greatly appreciated.