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Merge Data From Two Similar Tables

Question asked by PaulSimon on Oct 17, 2010
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Merge Data From Two Similar Tables


I have two similar address lists I need to merge to create shipping labels from.

I've already made sure I have identical field names in each table even though the corresponding fields from each table may be blank. It looks like this right now, with "x" indicating the presence of data:

  Large Signs Small Signs
ODN   x
IRS x x
TAC x x
Street x x
Floor_Room_Stop x x
City x x
ST x x
Zip x x
Group Number_Manager x x
Phone No.   x
Qty_Large_Signs x  
Qty_Small Signs   x
Total_Large_Signs Summary Fld  
Total_Small_Signs   Summary Fld

It took some manual copying and pasting to ensure the TAC, IRS, City and Floor_Room_Stop fields all match between the two tables, but it's done. What was provided to me was all over the place as far as consistency goes.

What I need to do now can't be done with a simple Import Records command. I need to merge the two tables in such a way as to combine all records with the same IRS, TAC, Street, Floor_Room_Stop, City, ST and Zip fields and end up with a master list of unique address with combined Large and Small signs. One catch is that some addresses have different Group Name_Manager entries and they need to be kept separate as they require their own mailing envelopes.

Any help on this seemingly straightforward query is welcomed and appreciated.