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Merge field is too large when editing layout

Question asked by fgimenez on Jul 22, 2009
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Merge field is too large when editing layout


Hi all,


I'm new to filemaker, so I'm having a little trouble searching for an answer to this seemingly minor problem I've been having. I appreciate any help.


Basically, I have a text box that displays related record data with a few merge fields. In layout mode, the contents of the text box look as follows:




The problem is that the in browse mode the contents of this text box won't be longer than 10 characters. When I switch to browse mode, this text box is relatively short, but in layout mode it is ridiculously long. I can't shrink the text box in layout mode because then it wouldn't be able to fit the entire contents of the merge field. Essentially, I can't position my text box correctly in layout mode, which is driving me crazy as it is taking up valuable screen real estate. 


Is there any way to shrink a text box in layout mode to clip the its contents?


Once again, thanks for the help.