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Merge Field not showing (but showing the attribute name)

Question asked by mercator on Nov 19, 2014
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Merge Field not showing (but showing the attribute name)



I am using FileMaker Pro 13 on Mac and have the following problem (also shows in Version 12 on the PC): I have a table X with an attribute called "name". After having most of my DB work completed, I need to place this attribute on a Layout and I cannot get it working (got it working in other DBs in the past). I have attached a  screenshots, showing the layout with the merge field "name". As you can see, it displays the placeholder <<name>> instead of the actual value of the attribute.

Tried to recover the DB and empty all the tables, re-entering the data. No change.

I'd appreciate really any help - am not keen on starting my DB over again.

Thanks a lot,