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    Merge field number format



      Merge field number format



      How does one format numbers in a merge field for more than one decimal?


      In layout mode,   Contract Currency : <<Contracts::Currency>> @ <<Contracts::fxRate>>

      becomes  "Contract Currency : GBP @ 1"  in Browse mode.

      It should be ...

       "Contract Currency : GBP @ 1.6556" .




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          1 and not 2?

          Make sure that the block of layout text is wide enought to display all the data. It would seem that the data in your layout text is being clipped rather than rounded to zero decimal places by a data format.

          You can select a layout text object and use the Data Formatting section of the Inspector's data tab to specify a number format. The key limitation is that all merge fields inside the layout text object will get the same data formatting.

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             Used an incorrect number for the example, which is why it rounded to 1 and not 2. [!!]

            Probably should've used 1.3556.


            At any rate, wasn't the width.

            Merely formatted the merge field as a decimal 4 fixed, and all worked fine.


            Thanks Phil.