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Merge Field Will Not Slide

Question asked by mashikoboy on Oct 2, 2011
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Merge Field Will Not Slide



I am trying to create a mailing lable in which five of the six fields contained are merge fields.  I followed these instructions, which are fund in FMPro help:


In Layout mode, do one of the following:


To create a new text block containing a merge field, click with the arrow pointer where you want the text block to appear.


To insert a merge field into an existing text block, click the Text tool in the status toolbar, then click in the text block to place the insertion point where you want to insert the merge field.


Choose Insert menu > Merge Field.


In the Specify Field dialog box, select the field to insert.


Click OK.  

I selected all of the merge fields, and in the inspector I checked remove blank space by sliding up based on all objects above.  Then I saved the layout.

Despite having done this, the Preview shows a gap between the bottom most merge field and the one above it.

How can I make the bottom merge field slide up, as it is supposed to do?