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    Merge Field within Portal



      Merge Field within Portal


           I am using FMP13 Adv. to organize event planning (entertainment touring specifically). I have a portal that shows only one related record that is derived through a relationship between duplicate tables. The operators in the relationship allow me to "see one and only one day ahead." The fields in the portal are "Address 1", "Address 2", "City", "State", "Zip" and so on. I distribute the information on 8 1/2 x 11, so space is limited.

           I would like to use a merge field within the portal to save space, e.g. <<City, ST Zip>>, but when I add the merge field to the portal all that shows is the Merge Field information rather than the data, i.e  <<City, ST Zip>> rather than <<Nashville, TN 37203>>. The information shows as expected when individual text fields are used. I feel comfortable typing a merge field into a layout, but I've intentionally used the menu commands (Insert > Merge Field…) to make sure I am selecting data from the correct table and field.

           Is this a limitation to FMP13? 

           Thanks for any light you can shed!!!

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               I have experimented more and realized that I cannot put a functional merge field from the related table (mentioned in the previous post) anywhere on the layout. Furthermore, there are some relationships that are allowing merge fields to be created and others that are not. And I can't find the common factor that would cause this; it seems random.  Can anyone explain what rules or concepts I am missing?



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                 I found the issue: While creating some of the tables in the relationship viewer, I used colons, " : ", as separators rather than something like a dash or underscore. By removing the colon in the title of the table, I am now able to create the merge field from the related table.