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Merge Fields and portals

Question asked by MichaelPoling on Mar 10, 2014
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Merge Fields and portals


     Hi there, I'm trying to get a letter to autofill but am only partially successful.  Half of the fields are from a  table ObjectiveAssessment and another from table SubjectiveHistory.

     SubjectiveHistory collects it's data input from a portal, as there are multiple Episodes and it houses the primary EpisodeID key.

     Table Demographics houses a foreign key __kf_EpisodeID that allows the Episode to be changed to enter data in the ObjectiveAssessment

     What I am running into is when I change the EpisodeID, only the ObjectiveAssessment table data changes in the Merge Fields that I have used in the letter (located on a separate layout), but not the SubjectiveHistory fields. On the portal for SubjectiveHistory, I have a button on each row that allows you to set that row as the current episode.  This works fine when I look at the tab controls for ObjectiveAssessment and ProgressNotes, which change perfectly each time you select a different EpisodeID, so I know that part is working.

      I have a Pop-up defined with a value list that shows the EpisodeID's for each patient and allows you to change them right on the letter (hidden from printing), but only the Objective Assessment stuff changes with this method as well.  

     Any ideas why the Merge fields work with ObjectiveAssessment and not SubjectiveHistory?  Is it because SubjectiveHistory is collected via a portal?  I would have thought selecting the EpisodeID manually would handle that?