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    Merge Fields change in behaviour in FMP13?



      Merge Fields change in behaviour in FMP13?


           In FMP 12 one used to be able to do a simple trick with merge fields, where you formatted the first letter in the text (the "<" for example)the format you wanted to display and the rest with any small fonts you chose so you could have its size manageable on your layout. I had got hooked to this, but now I can't seem to replicate the action in fmp13...

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               Using FileMaker 13 advanced in Windows 7, I can't find any change in behavior. If I put <<Table::field>> on the layout, I only need specify the text formatting for the first < and the last >, If I specify a different format for <Table::field>, this format is only visible in layout mode--just like earlier versions of Filemaker. This can be a trick to reduce the layout space taken up by a merge field to help fit it inside a tab control, slider or portal row so that the enclosing object properly "owns" the merge text.