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Merge Fields Data Question

Question asked by eldoonmad on Apr 3, 2012
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Merge Fields Data Question


In my database I have a table called Users. The fields are NameFirst, NameLast, Phone, EMail.

I have a second table with a form view called Assets. I have many fields in here but one is set to select a user from the Users table to apply who the Asset is assigned to. I have this user field set up as a pop up menue to grab information from a value list. The value list is set to "use values from feild" and the specified feild is Users::NameFirst and to "Also display values from second feild" and I chose Users::NameLast. This way when I look at the drop down menue I see and it places the first and last name into the users field in my Asset form. This all works just fine just the way I want it to.

So here is the part I am having an issue with. I have a layout with just a text field for a user agreement form. With in the user agreement form I have placed merge feilds to grab certain data from the Asset table, one being the user's name. However it only puts the first name, not the last name as well. I am assuming that even though I tell the value list to show the second field, that is only for reference and is not actual data that is brought over. I am wondering what the best way to get both the user's first and last name to show up on both the pop up menu in the Assets form as well as show up in the merge field in the User Agreement Form layout. Any help would be greatly appreciated.