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    Merge fmp7 with Word 2008?



      Merge fmp7 with Word 2008?


      When I try to merge fmp7 with Word 2008 document, I am given a choice for FileMaker Pro when getting a database.  However, after going through the steps/sort/etc, the error message says: "Word unable to open data source".  Anyway around this issue?  Can fmp7 database even be merged with Word 2008?  Can fmp 12?  I am trying to print invoices for my small business using information from database that has over 1100 entries.

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          I don't think Word can read a Filemaker file directly.  If you look at the various file types offered, fp7 is not one of them.  You can export the FM data to a merge file or an Excel file, both of which are supported as a data source by Word.

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            Why can't I do a mail merge with FileMaker Pro when I use the Data Merge Manager in Microsoft Word for Mac?
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            FileMaker changed the application format with the release of FileMaker Pro 7.
            FileMaker Pro 7 and later use the .fp7 extension and this is not recognized by the Data Merge Manager in Microsoft Word for Mac.


            A quick way to address this issue would be to:

            1. Export the data from FileMaker Pro in a format that is recognized by Microsoft Word.
            2. Import the data into Microsoft Word

            FileMaker Pro and many application programs that you want to exchange data with use a proprietary file format. In order to exchange data, you must export the data from one application in a format that the other application can import. If you're exchanging data with another application program, check the documentation that came with that program to determine a common intermediary file format that both FileMaker Pro and the other program supports.

            To export FileMaker Pro data:

            1. Open the FileMaker Pro file, and display a layout that shows the records you want to export.
            2. Find and sort the records to export.
            3. Choose File menu > Export Records.
            4. In the Export Records to File dialog box, type a name and choose a location for the file.
            5. Choose a file type from Type (Mac OS). Use a file format like Merge (.mer) which is supported by Microsoft Word, then click Save.

              Further information on how to export FileMaker Pro data to be used in another application and supported formats can be found in FileMaker Pro Help.

            NOTE: This issue is resolved in Microsoft Word for Mac 2011.



            Next, I downloaded a trial version of the 360Works "Scribe" plug-in (http://www.360works.com/filemaker-pdf-plugin/). 360Works describes the plug-in as "the ultimate text processing plug-in." Scribe does a lot of very cool things. It can be used to read and write text from Microsoft Office and PDF files, search for things, highlight keywords, make substitutions, and more. It's been around for a little over a year, but this was the first time that I had a need for it.
            In about an hour I had a prototype of the FileMaker / Scribe solution that I had envisioned. I was able to take a Word document, load it into FileMaker, substitute tokens in the document with data from FileMaker, and save the "merged" Word document. The documentation for Scribe is very well written, which made all of this as easy as possible.
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              I am trying to print invoices for my small business using information from database that has over 1100 entries.

              Why do you need to use MS Word for that? FileMaker does a pretty good job of printing invoices of most formats and if you print from FileMaker your system for printing invoices gets a great deal simpler.