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    merge letter to print tickets



      merge letter to print tickets


      I am a volunteer with a large non-profit organization of seniors who like to learn new things.  We bring in experts to lecture on a wide range of topics and I am brand new to filemaker. I would like to generate a one page printout that combines a small merge field ( no problem getting that job done) with a two column table that contains tickets for up to 10 lectures. The tickets should be generated by something like if(test; result 1;result2). I currently have the jpgs of tickets in global container fields next to my data but I cannot get my script to generate the tickets.

      Can anyone please steer me in the right direction.


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          In layout setup, you can use the print settings to get your layout to print in columns like you describe. How you structure your database is critical and your current structure has not been described here. Presumably, you'd use a table of container fields with one container field for each record to record the different ticket images. Then the table of tickets would use a relationship to match each record to the correct ticket image, but this assumes that you have such a table of tickets with one ticket to each record.