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Merge Letter with signature image - image won't stay in place!

Question asked by SeanMann on Oct 25, 2011
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Merge Letter with signature image - image won't stay in place!


I just want an image to adjust it's placing along with the text. Essentially to be anchored to the text like word does it.

I found this post, which gave me hope and some stuff to try, but I've had little success

Inserting signature into letter


I've got the body of a letter with variable text. It shrinks/grows 2-3 lines depending on the letter.

I end the letter's body text field with the merge fields with "Sincerely,"

below this (not overlapping) I have a container field with the image for the signature (it is a global container)

then I have another text field with my name, title and department (tag line).

All 3 fields are set to "Slide up based on all objects above and Also resing enclosed part"

The signature image and tag lines do not move up. The main body shrinks.

These are all in a body part.


I've tried a number of combinations of changing autosizing, alignment, using an inserted picture instead of a container, using all of this in a footer (which just stayed in place and looked horrid). 

Please help. I'm so close to being done with this project. Filemaker is not impressing me with it's mail merge features.