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Merge two starter solutions

Question asked by TracyMcCarty on May 16, 2012
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Merge two starter solutions


First of all I want you to know I'm a beginner at this last time I worked with FM Pro was version 5.

I would like to combind starter solution "invoices" and "estimates". I know it is a lot of work rewriting one to the other but will attempt it anyhow.

I am not sure how to link all the tables from both starter solutions into one data base. I do know I only need one "customers table" and will have to combind fields from the "invoices" and "estimates" customer tables together, after that I'm lost as to the order of the tables and thier relationships.

Any info on how to set up the data base tables and relationships would be greatly appreaciated. A picture of the tables and relationshisp would also help.