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merge v7 word

Question asked by JohnJFerrari on Sep 25, 2009
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merge v7 word


I thought i had this solved but- I have FMv7 and created a data base to do a mail merge. Using the template for business contacts. In word all the steps seem to work up till choosing a file in the Data Source of the data merge manager. The files (FM) are all greyed out including the ones I exported using the Merge option. I am using a Mac with OSX4.1 and MS Word - service update 2001 (that what it says when I use the About Word in the menu, I think it was vX when I bought it) I hope thats everything one needs to know. I also have created files in Excel- converting back and forth- some of those where in the new format for Vista- its getting pretty mixed up there are som  many steps and changes along the way! Any clues to what I might be doing wrong/ is it even possible given the versions I have?