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Merge Variables and if statements idea

Question asked by JoshOlivas on Jun 9, 2011
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Merge Variables and if statements idea


Hi there, this is my first time posting to the forums because i just cant seem to figure out an answer on my own. I am trying to make a layout that will display sellable inventory from one table to show a text status. As the inventory levels are confidental. for example

if (Part numbers) qty is = 0 show "unavailble" if > 10 show "limited" if < 10 show "Available"

The idea is to not reference another field on the layout, but rather have a script that will check for a specified part number and check the sellable inventory and have the if statment change the merge varibles on the layout,(multiple part numbers)

So is this even close to the correct aproach? Im trying to be very particular with the layout, as it will be on an iPad and im trying to make it seem not like a table of data. But just as a quick elegant reference page for a small amount of items.