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Merge Variables in List view

Question asked by RickWhitelaw on Oct 26, 2012
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Merge Variables in List view


     I have a layout that prints cheques. For the amount I use a merge variable. As in Let $CH=Fee + HST - work dues. This works fine. The number to text function works as well with $CH as input. All fine. Today I decided to make a cheque register layout. This is viewed in List view. Of course dozens of records are visible at the same time. Well, merge variables simply don't work on this layout. I'm using the "old" metod. The "I declare variables" conditional formatting because I prefer it to writing On Layout Enter triggered scripts for each layout to declare the variables. I think the issue has to do with FM not refreshing the variables on a record to record level. Merge variables are loaded when the layout loads and I suppose multiple occurrences in list view will not refresh properly. On either layout in Form View the results are what I expect. In list view The numbers actually will be out of sync. Record # 1 will display the value of record 2 etc.  ideas? Observations?