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    Merging a layout



      Merging a layout




      I created a layout with the company Name Field & Fax # field, which gives me a Fax # list of all my Contacts, (4 Pages) what do I need

      to do to merge this layout to all the contacts, so they all have a fax  list that is cutomized with their own name, that will show all the company name with Fax #





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          If your two tables are linked via a one to one relationship, You can place fields from both tables on the same layout.


          If the relationship is one to many, you can still do this, but now the "first" record from the "many" table will supply the data you see on the layout. Which record is "first" depends on the sort option you set for the relationship.


          Does that work for you?



          One to One: Only one record in Table A can match only one record in related Table B.

          One to Many: one record in table A matches many records in related table B.




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            First of, I only have one table, What do i need to do to merge a layout to all my contact in my table ?


            will wait for your reply



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              In layout mode, you can copy and paste layout objects from one layout to another as long as both layouts refer to the same underlying table. I am assuming that these layouts are in the same file.


              Enter layout mode, use your mouse to select some layout objects, (click, shift-click or drag a selection box around them). Choose Edit | Copy or your keyboard short cut for the same.

              Select the second layout. Click on the layout to specify a starting location and choose Edit | Paste. Use your mouse and arrow keys to move your pasted layout objects into the desired location.


              This may or may not work for you. If it doesn't, describe what you are trying to do in much more detail.

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                 How do I merge a letter to all my contact in my database ? that is a bettter questions



                Darius HOfer




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                  Some times my crystal ball gets pretty fuzzy :smileywink:


                  If you ask a general question you force respondants to guess as to what you are requesting and run the risk of getting responses that don't meet your need.


                  Please spell out in detail what you need to do.


                  "How do I merge a letter to all my contact in my database ? that is a bettter questions"

                  Define a global text field for your letter. (when you create the field defintion, click global storage on the storage tab in the field options dialog.)

                  Put that field on a new layout and include the relevant fields as part of the salutation and any address info.

                  Type your message into the text field and you can then fax or print your letter.


                  There are other options. I'm still guessing on some of the details as to what you want to do.

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                    What I want to do is merge a letter to all my Contact in my database, where the body (Letter) stays the same only the contact information changes

                    on each letter, I hope this will explain it better let me know.



                    Darius Hofer



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                      Are you printing/faxing your letter or generating a PDF?


                      Do you intend to use FMP to email the letter?


                      I've been assuming the first option, sending an email requires a different approach.

                      My previous post gave you a way to do this. Will that work for you? If you can't follow the complete description, do the part you can and then post back with a question on how to do the next step.


                      Using a global field is a quick way to set up what you want, but you won't be able to save multiple letters for your use. If you want to work with several different letters, we'll need a more sophisticated approach where we store the letter text in a different table.

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                           I want to print the letters, Thanks,
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                          I don't really know how this forum stuff all works so I hope I'm doing it the right way. 


                          I'm not even sure if this is going to PhilModJunk but in the "Contact Merge Letters" reply you mentioned email and multiple letters.  Can you please explain the procedure for me in simple language as I'm a beginner.


                          I think you are saying I would create a layout & table to contain different letters with each letter being a new record.  After that step I'm lost.  I know I need to get all the names/addresses in much like a merge field in Word but I also know I need to have a relationship somewhere with something.


                          As you can see I have a "real good" grasp on Filemaker Pro (V8.5).


                          Any help will be greatly appreciated.




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                            I'm not sure why your post was marked as an "accepted solution" since you post a question rather than posting an answer. dhofer will have to explain that one. I'm guessing he accidently click accepted solution for your post instead of one of the others.


                            "I'm not even sure if this is going to PhilModJunk..."

                            Any post to this forum is public and will be seen by any who care to read and respond.


                            With regards to your question.


                            When you print/fax/PDF/preview a letter in FMP you can set up a layout and your layout determines the format of the letter you send out. With email, you have to specify a calculation and the format of your layout does not directly affect the format of the email. You'll want to familiarize yourself with the send email dialog and its options in order to do what you want.


                            "I think you are saying I would create a layout & table to contain different letters with each letter being a new record.  After that step I'm lost. "

                            There's a lot of details here, more than I can easily put in one  post. Try out the following suggestions, and if they work, great. If you still have questions, I recommend starting a new thread as this is now a "solved" forum thread. That way you might get some more participation from other forum members.


                            Yes you need a new table for the body of each letter you choose to keep on file. Since you need some way to select a specific letter for a particular email, you'll need some addtional fields besides the "single large text field" for your message. At the very least, you'll want a title or subject field to uniquely name each message. Adding a serial number field to uniquely identify each letter is also a good idea. (Users will select a letter by name, but the serial number field makes a better primary key for linking it to other tables.


                            Here's a general description of how to link your message table to a table of email addresses:

                            I'm calling the email address table: "EmailAdd" and the Message table "Msgs".


                            Create a global number field, gMsgID in EmailAdd.

                            Link  this field to "ID" the serial number field in messages:  EmailAdd::gMsgID--=--Msgs::ID

                            Place gMsgId on a layout that refers to EmailAdd as its underlying table and format it as a 2 column drop down list or pop up menu. Column 1 will specify Msgs::ID, Column two will Specify your subject field in Msgs.


                            Now you can perform a find to select the desired email recipient and use send mail where your To, CC and BCC text boxes refer to email addresses in your email table and the Message box can refer to the text field in Msgs.

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                              Hi PhilModJunk,


                              Thanks for your easy to understand reply.  I will give in a try and see how it goes.