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Merging Databases

Question asked by SamWoods on Aug 7, 2012
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Merging Databases




So this is what I am trying to accomplish: 


I want to have a single startyer solution database with: 






All i am able to do is 3 out of 4 with either estimates or invoices. I have tried starting with the estimates starter solution, and then copy pasting the invoice tables/fields into the estimates database, but that leaves me with a very different looking invoice section. 

How can i simply merge the two databases so that I can retain the pretty layout of the invoice tables within my estimates database. 


My end goal is to be able to create estimates with my customer and prodcut data, and then create a script that when the estimate is marked as completed an invoice will be created that I can send off. 


Why are these already not together?!? It feels like opening a resturaunt and putting the register across the street. Please help! 

I have attached screen shots to show: 

1. What the invoice layout looks like after I copy/paste the table/fields into my starter solution estimates database.