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Merging Duplicate Customer Records

Question asked by DustinLohse on Sep 12, 2011
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Merging Duplicate Customer Records




Is there a script or something I can use to merge all records with the same ID? Or at least a faster way of doing so?
Any feedback would be appreciated.

We're using Bidder Central Live Webcast Auction Software through FileMaker Pro v. 6 if that makes a difference. The reason I'm merging them is so we can see a total spent amount.

New here. Just started working at the Alaska Auction House a few weeks ago. It's a great place. They hired me on as their tech guy, to fix their computers and electronics when need be, and right now I'm trying to work through their database of customers. I have zero experience in this kind of thing, but I try to pick it up quickly.

Getting to the point: All their computers are new and up to date, yet they are still running an old version of FileMaker Pro. Version 6. I've been assigned the task to go through the entire customer record (10k+ customers) and delete all the duplicate records. I spent a couple hours doing this yesterday. I was able to figure out how to sort them by duplicates (using the !) and have been making slow, by steady progress. I've just been going through the list (whish is still 5,000+ customers) and merging them one by one. Some of them have many, many duplicates. I did notice that all of these duplicates are also sorted by Inet ID. I read up on the forums a little bit and found that a script might be useful. However, my programming knowledge is limited as well.